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Forstbauer Family Natural Food Farm

"During mid-week markets, 90% of our produce is picked the same day. So in the morning while we are harvesting, we just snap some photos and post them on Foodtree.

I believe it gives people a closer connection with their food and people want to see it."

- Travis Forstbauer

How are you using the app?

I just got an iphone the week after you launched the Foodtree app and I thought Foodtree was brilliant. What better way was there to get pictures of your product out to the consumer? 

I'll take you through my thought process here: If you go to the market there are certain items that you can find in almost any food stand (say lettuce), Foodtree is great for creating beautiful photographs of those items. But where I believe the Foodtree app is so key and can be utilized in such a great way is to find those hard-to-find items or those rare items. 

An example is our zucchini blossoms. They are so delicate and require such a level of care that we are one of the only producers to carry them on the markets. So say we or one of our customers post it on Foodtree.  This is where it gets exciting...someone may be using their own Zucchini blossoms from their garden, but they have company coming over and they want to WOW their company with blossoms. The problem they have is that they only get one blossom per plant every couple days. Then they remember seeing the Blossoms on Foodtree, check on where to get them and boom, they find them. Just come to the market!! 

Give us a brief description of your farm...

We are an Organic and Biodynamic Family Farm that is located in Chilliwack, BC.

We are certified Demeter as well as through BCARA.

What excites you about the Foodtree app?

There are so many things that excite us about the Foodtree app. Number one is that it gets people excited about local food and the farmers markets. We know that we can produce top notch food. Sometimes the challenge is getting that food onto peoples plates and having them taste what real healthy food tastes like. The Foodtree app has infinite potential.

It can also go another way. Say a person checks the "what's fresh", sees the blossoms and the interest is peaked in them. They want to try them out, so they come to our stand and inquire about them. 

What I believe is that people love to see their food dirty and in the ground, but if you bring it to the market dirty it does not always sell. How we're trying to use the Foodtree app is to give people an experience of the farm. During mid-week markets, 90% of our produce is picked the same day. So in the morning while we are harvesting, we just snap some photos and post them on Foodtree. I believe it gives people a closer connection with their food and people want to see it. By posting a picture on Foodtree of us harvesting our product, it gives a consumer more of a connection to the food.

Another way we are trying to use the app is on market mornings, after the food is set up and the day is about to start we just snap some photos of our food and do our best to get the price signs in the photo. That way the consumer can come look at Foodtree and see what our prices are. Also they can see what we have and if it's a rainy day it might just give them that extra motivation to come to the market.

Have you experienced any changes in shoppers because of the app?

I think that during the average market day we are so busy during the market itself that it is not always easy to have that time to fully engage with our customers. I definitely see customers checking Foodtree, they are obviously excited about it because they are using it and they want to get the the best picture they can. 

How might our app help you accomplish your goals as a food producer?

There is no magic bullet when it comes to marketing our product and connecting with our customers. Social networking sites such as facebook and twitter are great as it gets our consumers engaged in our farm, but that's just the consumers that are following us or happen to 'like' our page. The Foodtree app helps us to reach outside of our own social networks and into the food network as a whole. We believe that once you give a person a positive experience of your farm or connect consumers with your farm that your products will sell themselves. The Foodtree app opens up a huge potential consumer base in that way.

Thank you guys for your dedication to local food and your tireless effort to create Foodtree. We appreciate how valuable a tool it can be!


Travis ForstbauerForstbauer Family Natural Food Farm

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